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Our Shakespeare's Globe has been created after much research. We are delighted to offer this unique play of words! Numerous topographical quotes flow with ocean currents, additional topographical quotes can also be found on pertinent area's of this fine 17 th century globe. We are pleased to announce that this product has been selected for the shop in the reconstruction of Shakespeare's Globe on the South Bank of the Thames. London.

Deluxe paper version with booklet and base. Ref GT BOX 1603: £9.50 ( + P&P £3.50)

Folding paper version. Ref GT SML 1603: £4.25 ( + P&P £2.50)

A plaster version will also be available watch this space!

A booklet is supplied with the deluxe version which lists all known place names used Shakespeare's 37 plays. This has been compiled by us, an extract is listed below.

To order Paper Globes or Astro Charts please email Naomi at we accept MC/Visa or you can pay by Paypal by using the email address of please email us your delivery Address if you pay by Paypal. To pay by Visa/Matercard ring 01983 568 568 ( from overseas 00 44 1983 568 568 from (9 am till 1pm GMT during the weekdays).




We have listed how often Shakespeare uses them and quote one reference. Where known an explanation is given, place names and descriptions which are underlined were not known at the time of publication.

Aberga'ny: x2 (KING HENRY VIII: I.1). Acheron: x3 (MACBETH: III.5) River of Hell. Adriatic: x1 (THE TAMING OF THE SHREW: I.2). Aetna x2 (TITUS ANDRONICUS: III.1) Etna, Sicily. Afric x3 (THE TEMPEST: II.1) Africa. Africa x1 (II. KING HENRY IV: V.5). African x1 (THE TEMPEST: II.1). Agincourt x3 (KING HENRY V: IV.7) Battle of...village in France. Albany x8 (KING LEAR: I.1) Northern Britian. Albion x5 (III. KING HENRY VI: III.3) Early name for Gt Britian. Alexandria x5 (ANTHONY AND CLEOPATRA: I.4). Alps x4 (RICHARD II: I.1). Alton x1 (I KING HENRY VI: IV.7). Amazon x4 (KING JOHN: V.2) Legendary female warriors, various locations - Zanzibar, Africa, Sth America etc. Amazonian x2 (CORIOLANUS: II.2). America x1 (THE COMEDY OF ERRORS: III.2). Ampthill x1 (KING HENRY VIII: IV.1) Market town in Bedfordshire. Angiers x12 (KING JOHN: II.1) Capital of Anjou province France. Angleterre x4 (KING HENRY V: III.4) French word for England. Anglois x4 (KING HENRY V: III.4) French for English. Anjou x13 (KING JOHN: II.2) Provence of France. Antioch x8 (PERICLES: I.3) Capital of Roman province of Pisidia. Antium x4 (CORIOLANUS: III.3) Volscian capital, early Roman city, Italy. Aquitain x8 (LOVE'S LABOUR'S LOST: II.1) S.W. France. Arabia x5 (THE MERCHANT OF VENICE: II.7). Arde x1 (KING HENRY VIII: I.1)Andren, villiage in Northern France. Arden x3 (AS YOU LIKE IT: II.4) Forest in Belgium/France. Armenia x2 (ANTHONY AND CLEOPATRA: III.6) Country in W. Asia. Arragon x3 (MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING: I.1) Kingdom in Spain. Artois x1 (HAMLET: V.5) Province in N. France. Arundel x1 (RICHARD II: II.1) Sussex town. Ashford x2 (II. KING HENRY VI: III.1) Kent town. Asia x4 (MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING: II.1). Assyrian x2 (II. KING HENRY IV: V.3). Athenian x27 (A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM: II.3). Athol x1 (I. KING HENRY IV: I.I) Earl of...District of Scotland. Athens x52 (A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM: III.2). Atropos x1 (II. KING HENRY IV: II.4) Atropatia, N.W. Province of central France. Austria x5 (ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL): I.2. Auvergne x1 (I. KING HENRY VI: II.2) Province of central France.

Babylon x2 (TWELFTH NIGHT: II.3). Banbury x1 (THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR: I.1) Market town in Oxfordshire. Barkloughly x1 (RICHARD II: III.2) Fictitious castle. Barbary x9 (THE MERCHANT OF VENICE: III.2) North cost of Africa. Barnet x2 (III. KING HENRY IV: V.1) Battle of, market town in Herts. Basan x1 (ANTHONY AND CLEOPATRA: III.2) District in Palestine. Basingstoke x1 (II. KING HENRY IV: II.1) Market town in Hants. Baynard x2 (RICHARD III: III.5) Castle in London. Bedford x11 (I. KING HENRY VI: I.1) County town of Bedfordshire. Belgia x2 (THE COMEDY OF ERRORS: III.2) Belgium. Belmont x7 (THE MERCHANT OF VENICE: I.1) Imaginary town on coast of Italy. Bergamo x1 (THE TAMING OF THE SHREW: V.1) Capital of province of same name in Italy. Berkley x7 (RICHARD II: II.2) Castle in Glostershire. Birnam x10 (MACBETH: V.2) Wood on bank of river Tay, Perthshire. Blois x1 (I. KING HENRY V1: IV.3) City in France. Bohemia x26 (THE WINTER'S TALE: I.2) Kingdom of central Europe. Bois x2 (AS YOU LIKE IT: I.1) Richard de Bois. Bolingbroke x66 (RICHARD II: III.2) Town in Lincolnshire. Bonville x1 (III. KING HENRY VI: IV.1) Small town in N. France. Bosworth x1 (RICHARD III: V.3...) Town in Leicestershire. Bourbon x4 (KING HENRY V: III.5) Barony in France. Bourdeaux x7 (RICHARD II. V.6) French province. Brabant x4 (KING HENRY V: II.4) Ancient Duchy in Netherlands. Brecknoch x (RICHARD III: IV.2) Castle in S. Wales. Brentford x6 (THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR: IV.2) Small hamlet on river Brent, Shakespeare refers to it because of it's witch, also known today for its 'Pink Willy' statue, the 'Butt's', being burnt to the ground by Prince Rupert, globe making undertaken during latter part of 20th century and lastly unsympathetic planning proposals. Bretangne x13 (KING JOHN: II.1) Northern France. Breton x1 (RICHARD III: IV.3) France. Bridgenorth x2 (I. KING HENRY IV: III.2) English/Welsh border. Bristol x5 (RICHARD II: II.2). Britian x24 (CYMBELINE: III.1). Britany x5 (RICHARD II: II.1) Northern France. Buckingham x76 (RICHARD III: III.5) County and town. Bucklersbury x1 (THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR: III.3) Town on outskirts of London.

Camelot x1 (KING LEAR II.2) Imaginary capital of King Arthur's kingdom. Canterbury x14 (KING HENRY VIII: V.1). Cambridge x1 (KING HENRY V: II.2). Cappadocia x1 (ANTHONY AND CLEOPATRA:III.6) Turkey famous for it's caves. Carnarvonshire x1 (KING HENRY VIII: II.3). Carthage x6 (THE TEMPEST: II.1) Ancient Phoenician city on the North Coast of Africa. Cassado x1 (KING HENRY VIII: III.2). Cassalis x1 (KING HENRY VIII: III.2). Castilian x1 (THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR: II.3) Kingdom of Spain. Cataian x2 (TWELFTH NIGHT: II.3) From Northern China. Champ x1 (CYBELINE: IV.2) France. Charing-Cross x1 (I. KING HENRY IV: II.1) Regarded as the central port of London. Chatham x1 (II. KING HENRY IV: IV.2) Town in Kent. Cheapside x2 (II. KING HENRY IV: IV.2) Market place in London. Chertsey x3 (RICHARD III: 1.2) Town S.W. of London. Chester x1 (II. KING HENRY IV: I.1). Chetas x1 (TROILUS AND CRESSIDA: (PRO.) 4th gate of Troy. Christendom x19 (KING HENRY VIII: II.2) Supposed area of the world that embraces Christianity. Cichester x 1 (RICHARD 11: V.6). Cilicia x1 (ANTHONY AND CLEOPATRA: III.6) Province of South East Asia Minor. Cimmeran x1 (TITUS ANDRONICUS: II.3) Legendary people from beyond the ocean/ river. Cobham x4 (RICHARD II: II.1). Colebrook x1 (THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR: IV.5) Village east of Windsor. Constantinople x1 (KING HENRY V: V.2). Corinth x7 (THE COMEDY OF ERRORS: V.1) City in Greece. Corioli x17 (CORIOLANUS: I.9) Ancient town in Latium. Cornish x1 (KING HENRY V: IV.1). Cornwall x13 (KING LEAR: I.1). Cotsale x1 (THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR: I.1). Cotswold x2 (RICHARD II: II.3). Coventry x9 (RICHARD II: I.1). Cressy x1 (HENRY V: II.4) Battle ofÖFrance. Cretan x1 (THE TAMING OF THE SHREW: I.1). Crete x5 (MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM: IV.1). Crosby-place x3 (RICHARD III: III.1) A house. Cumberland x4 (MACBETH: I.4). Cydnus x3 (ANTHONY AND CLEOPATRA: II.2) A river that flows into the Mediteranean. Cyprus x24 (OTHELLO: I.1).

Dane x9 (HAMLET: V.2) From Denmark. Dardan x2 (TROILUS AND CRESSIDA: prologue) District around Troy. Dalmatian x2 (CYBELINE: III.1) Part of Illyricum, on East Coast of Adriatic Sea. Datchet-lane x1 (THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR: III.5) Datchet is a hamlet adjoining Windsor. Datchet-mead x3 (THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR: III.3). Denmark x22 (HAMLET: I.5). Devonshire x1 (RICHARD III: IV.4). Doncaster x2 (I. KING HENRY IV: V.1). Dorset x14 (RICHARD III: II.1). Dorsetshire x1 (RICHARD III: IV.4). Dover x10 (KING LEAR: III.6). Dutch x2 (ALL WELL THAT ENDS WELL: IV.1). Dutchman x4 (TWELFTH NIGHT: III.2).

Eastcheap x4 (I. KING HENRY IV: II.4) Area of London. Eden x1 (RICHARD II: II.1) Where Adam dreamed and never woke up. Egypt x46 (ANTHONY AND CLEOPATRA: II.2). Egyptian x15 (ANTHONY AND CLEOPATRA: I.2). Elbe x2 (KING HENRY V: II.2) A river in Germany. Elsinore x4 (HAMLET: II.2) In the island of Seeland, Denmark. Eltham x3 (I. KING HENRY: I.1) Palace south of London. Ely x2 (RICHARD III: III.4). Elysium x6 (TWELFTH NIGHT: 1.2) The legendary abode of the blessed dead. England x281 (HAMLET: III.1). English x137 (RICHARD III: IV.4). Englishman x11 (RICHARD III: II.1). Englishmen x5 (KING HENRY V: III.7). Englishwomen x1 (KING HENRY V: V.2). Ephesus x12 (PERICLES: III.2) A city near the West Coast of Asia Minor. Epidamnum x7 (THE COMEDY OF ERRORS: I.1) in Illyria, on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea. Epidaurus x1 (THE COMEDY OF ERRORS: I.1) Port of Ancient Greece. Erebes x3 (THE MERCHANT OF VENICE: V.1) The passage to Hades. Essex x1 (III. KING HENRY VI: I.1). Ethiop x8 (PERICLES: II.2) Ethiopa.. Ethiopian x2 (THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR: II.3). Eton x4 (THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR: IV.4) Village opposite side of river Thames to Windsor. Euphrates x1 (ANTHONY AND CLEOPATRA: I.2) River in Asia. Europa x2 (THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR: V.5) Europe. Europe x10 (III. KING HENRY VI: II.1). Exeter x25 (KING RICHARD II: II.1). Exton x3 (KING RICHARD II: V.5) Estuary village near Exeter.

Ferrara x1 (KING HENRY VIII: III.2) City N. Italy. Finsbury x1 (I. KING HENRY IV: III.1). Flanders x2 (III. KING HENRY VI: IV.5). Florence x12 (OTHELLO: I.3). Florentine x11 (OTHELLO: III.1). France x342 (HAMLET: V.2). French man x14 (MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING: III.2). French men x18 (KING JOHN: II.1). French women x2 (II. KING HENRY V1: I.3). Frankfort x1 (THE MERCHANT OF VENICE: III.1) German town. Frogmore x3 (THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR: II.3) Half a mile east of Windsor.

Gallia x11 (KING HENRY V: I.2) Latin name for an area of France. Gallian x2 (CYBELINE: I.7). Gaul x1 (THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR: III.1). Gaunt x28 (KING RICHARD II: I.3) City in Belgium. Genoa x4 (THE MERCHANT OF VENICE: III.1). Germany x6 (KING LEAR: IV.7). Gloster x129 (KING LEAR: III.7) Early spelling for Gloucester. Gloustershire x8 (KING RICHARD 11: II.2). Golgotha x2 (THE MERCHANT OF VENICE: II.8) Area outside of Jerusalem. Gongarian x2 (THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR: I.3). Grecian x31 (TROILUS AND CRESSIDA: I.3). Greece x19 (PERICLES: I.4). Greek x55 (TROILUS AND CRESSIDA: IV.5). Greekish x9 (TROILUS AND CRESSIDA: V.2). Guallia x1 (THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR: III.1) Area of France?. Guiana x1 (THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR: I.3) NE coast of South America. Guienne x1 (I. KING HENRY VI: I.1). Guildhall x2 (RICHARD III: III.5) Common hall of City of London. Guynes x1 (KING HENRY VIII: I.1) Town in NW France. Guysors x1 (I. KING HENRY V1: I.1) Ancient French town.

Hammes x1 (III. KING HENRYVI: V.5) Castle in N. France (Hames). Hampton x2 (KING HENRY V: II.2). Harfleur x8 (KING HENRY V: III.3) In France, six miles from Havre. Ha'rford-West x1(KING RICHARD III: IV.5). Hastings x49 (KING RICHARD III: II.1). Hatfield x2 (II. KING HENRY VI: II.2). Helicons x1 (II. KING HENRY IV: V.2) Helicon was the mountain of the Muses. Near Lake Copais. Hellespont x4 (OTHELLO: I.1) The strait between the Mediterranean and the Sea of Marmora. Hereford x27 (KING RICHARD II: I.1). Herefordshire x1 (I. KING HENRY IV: I.1). Hinckley x1 (II. KING HENRY IV: V.1) Town just off Old Watling St. Holborn x1 (KING RICHARD III: III.4). Holland x2 (I. KING HENRY IV: III.3). Hollander x3 (III. KING HENRY VI: IV.8). Holmedon x5 (I. KING HENRY IV: I.1) Hills in Northumberland. Hungarian x1 (THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR: I.3). Hungary x2 (MEASURE FOR MEASURE: 1.2). Hungerford x2 (I. KING HENRY VI:I.1). Huntington x1 (KING HENRY V: V2). Hybla x2 (JULIUS CAESAR: V.1) In Sicily, noted for its honey. Hyrcan x1(MACBETH: III.4) Hyrcania: a wilderness south of the Caspian Sea. Hyrcanian x2 (HAMLET:II.2).

Iceland x1 (KING HENRY V: II.1) Known for its dogs. Ilias x1 (TROILUS AND CRESSIDA: prologue) Synonum for Troy. Ilion x6 (TROILUS AND CRESSIDA: II.2). Ilium x5 (TROILUS AND CRESSIDA: I.2) A name of Troy. Illyria x9 (TWELFTH NIGHT: I.3 On the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea. Illyrian x1 (II. KING HENRY VI: IV.1)Districy on E. shore of Adriatic. Inde x3 (THE TEMPEST: II.2) Refers to East and West Indes. India x7 (TWELFTH NIGHT: II.5). Indian x8 (THE TEMPEST: II.2). Indies x5 (THE MERCHANT OF VENICE: I.3) East and West. Inverness x1 (MACBETH: I.4) In Scotland, seat of Macbeth's castle. Ionia x1 (ANTHONY AND CLEOPATRA: I.2) District on W. shore of Asia Minor. Ionian x1 (ANTHONY AND CLEOPATRA: III.7). Ipswich x2 (KING HENRY VIII: I.1). Ireland x7 (II. KING HENRY VI: III.1). Irish x9 (AS YOU LIKE IT: III.2). Irishman x2 (THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR: II.2). Irishmen x1 (II. KING HENRY VI: III.1). Israel x1 (HAMLET: II.2). Italian x13 (THE MERCHANT OF VENICE: I.2). Italy x34 (JULIUS CAESAR: I.3). Ithaca x2 (TROILUS AND CRESSIDA: I.3) Small Island in the Adriatic.

Jerusalem x10 (KING JOHN: II.2)

Kendal x1 (I. KING HENRY IV: II.4) In Westmoreland, Kent. Kenelworth x2 (II. KING HENRY VI: IV.4) Houses an ancient castle, about 5 miles from Warwick. Kent x32 (RICHARD III: IV.4). Kentish x1 (II. KING HENRY VI: IV.4). Kentish Man x1 (II. KING HENRY VI: III.1). Kentish Men x1 (III. KING HENRY VI: I.3). Kildare x1 (KING HENRY VIII: II.1) County in Ireland. Kimbolton x1 (KING HENRY VIII: IV.1) A castle in Huntingdonshire, belonging to the Duke of Manchester.

Lacedaemon x2 (TIMON OF ATHENS: II.2) Sparta. Lancaster x56 (III. KING HENRY VI: I.1). Lapland x1 (A COMEDY OF ERRORS: IV.3). Lincoln x2 (KING JOHN: V.6). Lincolnshire x1 (I. KING HENRY IV: I.2). Lombardy x1 (THE TAMIGN OF THE SHREW: I.1) Garden of N. Italy. London x59 (KING RICHARD II: III.3). London-stone x1 (II. KING HENRY VI: IV.6) A stone set up in Roman times, and consequently built into St. Swithin's Church. Distances were measured from it.. Lorain x1 (KING HENRY V: I.2). Louvre x2 (KING HENRY V: II.4). Ludlow x3 (RICHARD III: II.2) Ludlow castle, an ancient and celebrated castle in Shropshire. Lybia x4 (A WINTER'S TALE: V.1) N. Africa. Lydia x2 (ANTHONY AND CLEOPATRA: I.2) District on the west coast of Asia Minor. Lymoges x1 (KING JOHN: III.1) City in France.

The remaining place names can be found on our booklet 'Shakespeare's Globe' avaiable with our Deluxe Paper version and will also be available with our plaster version of 'Shakespeare's Globe'.


Text copyright 2000, Greaves & Thomas. London



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Greaves & Thomas, fine Globemakers, a potted history.

Award winning Globemakers Greaves & Thomas are a small company based in the United Kingdom, today they make Historical Globes, Celestial Globes, Lunar Globes, Planetary Globes, Facsimile Globes, Replica Globes, Themed Globes, Paper Folding Globes, and Modern Day Globes. Arts Corespondent Jemmy Button looks into their history.

In 1991 James Bissell-Thomas after several years of research, published his first globe (Merzbach & Falk's 1881 globe). The globe was well received, especially because of the ageing techniques developed to lend the globes a patina producing a convincing replica. James Bissell-Thomas believes that this was achieved because of his Art School background, his printing knowledge gained running his own publishing house in the 1980's (Long Tail Prints) combined with his knowledge as an antiques dealer. In 1991 the first globe joined an already existing eclectic range of furnishing ideas which included Giant Tennis Rackets, Rivercraft furniture, Hat Boxes etc. (most are still being made: . It was because of James Bissell-Thomas' interest in globes, that the decision was then made to form a collection of globes, spanning cartographic history from 1492 to the present day.

At the time James' knowledge in globes was poor, however a good friend at the Royal Geographical Society pointed out that the following year (1992) would be not only be the 500 year anniversary of the European discovery of the New World, but it would also be the anniversary of the earliest surviving terrestrial globe ~ Martin Behaim's 'Erdapfel'. This globe today resides in the Germanishes Museum in Germany, rightly described by Bissell-Thomas as the 'Holy Grail' of all globes, not just because of its age, but also because of the profusion of data inscribed on the globe, the globe is best described as a medieval geographical census describing the world beyond Europe, listing the origin of spices, metals, traditions, peoples, animals, islands and religions etc. not only this but the globe covered in beautiful illustrations by Glockendon.

Despite the globe being on an elaborate stand, with extremely detailed artwork, Greaves & Thomas still decided it would be wise to republish this fine relic. Appointments were then made with the Germanisches Museum and flights were booked. On arrival at the museum in September 1991, it transpired that the Germanisch Museum had its own globe publishing interest and was not interested in helping G&T achieve their goal. Consequently, they were given a very limited time to study the original globe and reference images they also commissioned from the Museum were later blocked and never arrived. While many would have given up, Greaves & Thomas decided that it would persevere, knowing that what ever they produced would ultimately be compared to a rival globe that would have the Museum's seal of approval. All possible data concerning the globe was sourced and the finished result once again was well received, and is today is considered one of the most important globes in their collection.

In August 1992 when the Martin Behaim Globe was completed, Bissell-Thomas proudly informed the Germanish Museum that despite their reluctance to help, he had succeeded in making their facsimile. Soon after this 3 overseas business men arranged to come and see their Behaim Globe, at the time Greaves & Thomas was trading from 2 small garages in a small muddy yard, then even the two garages were not room enough, and a small 12' white square marquee had been hurriedly erected in the yard as a temporary measure. When the visitors arrived, they spent considerable time inspecting the globe, and then had an impromptu board meeting by themselves in the rain in the muddy yard, they re-entered, and announced that 2 of them were presidents of two globe companies, Rath Globes from Germany and Cram Globes from the USA. They informed Greaves & Thomas that they had been working with the Gemanishes Museum to produce their facsimile version, however upon inspection of the globe, they stated that they were keen to cease production of their own efforts and to market the G &T globe. This they did, with considerable success including selling one example to the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. Not only this, but the Gemanishes Museum also ordered a globe for themselves.

Greaves & Thomas have, on more than one occasion, offered to make the Germanische Museum's version, which would be one step closer to the original, but to date they have declined. The Greaves & Thomas version can now be found in numerous museums around the world.

From this point onwards, Greaves and Thomas would only concentrate on globes, initially historical globes but soon branching into themed globes: Holbein's Terrestrial Globe; Shakespeare's Globe; Alice's Celestial Globe and lastly the ludicrous Elvis Presley Mars Globe is another example of the diversity that can be achieved in globemaking, if one cares to explore the possibility of producing something other than the norm.


Today alongside their Themed Globes, Historical Replica Globes and their Modern Day Globes, Greaves & Thomas have also added the spectacular 'Hermetic Globe' to their Collection and this will soon be followed by a production version of their amazing Invisible Globe.


Greaves & Thomas now also have now formed an interesting collection of globes made in the last 300 years by other globemakers, this 500 strong collection will soon be prominently displayed in the Museum that they are presently preparing on the Isle of Wight. This should be a Mecca for designers as it will show numerous different versions of the same object. Not only this, but they will be using the Sistine Chapel's ceiling as inspiration to make a stunning celestial ceiling, and at the same time show one of the finest optical illusions in the world.


A surprising aspect of Greaves & Thomas is that they produce all their Globes in the UK. While numerous companies in the UK now relocate their production to the far east, in order to survive in today's cut throat market, G&T continue to produce a quality product which is well received. Their workforce never more than 5 craftpersons, and the globes they offer are limited by craft instead of number, this is verified in the small numbers of certain globes produced each year ( for example 2-6 Coronelli Globes per year and 5-12 Behaim Iron Stand Versions per year) , consequently there is always a waiting list for the larger more intricate globes that Greaves & Thomas produce. The globes are made using recycled papers and the wooden components for the elaborate stands are also made using reclaimed / recycled timber. Consequently Greaves & Thomas globes will never cost the Earth.


Jemmy Button, Arts Corespondent



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